Three Creeks Lift Station Pump Upgrade

Bids Thursday, 12 September 2019 2:00 PM


The Three Creeks lift station is in need of an upgrade from two 75hp pumps to three 1 OOhp pumps. The scope

of work for this upgrade is as follows:

Mechanical Scope of Work

As this lift station is currently in service, the City of Belton must be involved in all activities associated with this

project. The point of contact for City of Belton is Ray Jordan, who can be reached at mobile phone

number 254-226-2483. In order to begin work inside the wet well, the manhole just upstream of the wet well

will have to be plugged, with sewage removed regularly from it during the course of work via vacuum trucks or

portable bypass pump, and the well will have to be cleaned and vacuumed to make it safe. Also, in order to

work on the manifold in the valve vault, the force mains must be isolated and drained. To isolate the force

mains, the gate valve on each of the 8" mains on the lift station side of the pipe support bridge about 70'

southeast of the lift station (see attached plan sheet 4 of 36 from the force main plans) will have to be closed by

Ray Jordan (City of Belton) or his designee. NOTE: THESE VALVES MUST BE OPENED BEFORE


the contractor exercise these valves without direction from Mr. Jordan. There will then be about 375 gallons of

sewage to be drained from the two force mains. All OSHA rules, as well as safe work practices, must be

followed for entry of personnel into the wet well and valve vault.

Project Estimator

Bruce A. Matous , Office Phone (254) 780-1400 , Mobile Phone (254) 534-8010

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